Mission Statement
Kraus USA revolutionizes conventional homes by manufacturing attainable, dynamic plumbing centerpieces & accessories that evoke the peace and luxury of European spas. Beyond the striking appearance of our products, Kraus applies a rigorous creative approach to our entire business process. From our elite group of Euro-centric designers to our handpicked components and state-of-the-art machining facility, we manage a highly efficient system to ensure endless value for our customers. With a passion for design and deep commitment to functionality and dependability, we work tirelessly to ensure that each Kraus product is finished flawlessly. Our warehouse facility also hosts our customer service center, allowing our support team to have accurate, on-demand information about products and inventory. With our mantra of “Endless Creativity” Kraus continues to transform interior spaces through striking design, and time-tested quality.
"At the root of our beliefs, we hold that relaxation is paramount and your home is your private spa"

In our endless path to perfection, Kraus draws creative inspiration from a variety of disciplines outside of the kitchen & bathroom industry. To remain the dominant leader in aesthetic variety, every piece of our process needs to fit seamlessly into the next- just like the gears of a clock. We continually invest in trend research, stronger components, and cutting-edge manufacturing machinery to ensure that our products attain your design ambitions and give you years of impeccable performance as they turn your dream spa into an at-home reality.

Because we appreciate that our end product matters to people, we are committed to designing with patience, constructing with thought, and polishing with care. Exploring the finest details of design, our faucets

and accessories are created to bring peace and pleasure to the most elemental and consistent of daily routines. Partnering the best of technology with the finest materials and components, each Kraus product is crafted to enhance and illuminate a daily life with elegance and timeless style. Whether your vision is a spa-like retreat or a fashionable urban-chic space, you will find the perfect fit in our broad assortment of products.

We value ingenuity, diversity and cutting-edge ideas and encourage our people to cultivate their talents and expand their expertise in every aspect of design, production, and customer service. By taking sincere pride in our work we are building our legacy of endless style, performance and distinction.

“When customers put their hands on our products I want them to instantly feel that they’re holding something of undeniable quality.”
- Russel Levi, CEO/Founder of Kraus USA

At Kraus we are bonded to principles of timeless craftsmanship and endless creativity. Quality manufacturing processes and expert design allow us to create lasting products that accentuate a full range of aesthetic tastes.

“We change the conventional perception of plumbing fixtures from static pieces of hardware to dynamic and exciting centerpieces of luxury.”
- Russell Levi, CEO/Founder of Kraus USA

By appealing to a wide design palate, we are fostering a community of customers engaged in their homes as they rejuvenate their interiors with our vibrant fixtures.

Whether someone chooses a classic ceramic sink or a dramatic waterfall faucet, each Kraus product is a perfect blend of style, performance and value.

Our directors passionately believe in reinvesting in Kraus to enhance our products and services. Beyond sophisticated equipment and innovative artistry, we are committed to cultivating the talents and skills of our people and recognizing and rewarding their results. This practice is a core value of our philosophy and it fuels the future of our success.

We love knowing that a single Kraus product can illuminate a home with its alluring shapes and elegant design. We’re proud to make your home part of our enduring legacy of distinction.
The Kraus Story
Unicus Series
Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet and Undermount Sink

Kraus USA, headquartered in Port Washington New York, takes pride in manufacturing unique and impactful kitchen and bathroom products that redefine interior spaces. Deeply rooted in European tradition, Kraus was created to uphold timeless principles of craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. Inseparably intertwined with these values, we dominate the market in aesthetic variety as we change the conventional perception of plumbing fixtures from static pieces of hardware to dynamic and exciting centerpieces of sophistication and style.

At the root of our beliefs, we hold that relaxation is paramount and that your bathroom should be your private spa. Our lifestyle-enhancing products elevate your space and radiate a sense of elegant design. Our line of bathroom products features stunning forms that cover the full range of aesthetics from traditional to transitional and ultra modern. We curate a variable portfolio to appeal to every taste with exceptional quality and competitive value. Whether your vision is a country cottage or a fashionable urban-chic space, you will find the perfect piece in our broad assortment of flawless finishes and exquisite shapes.

Many modern kitchen and bathroom innovations were developed from the creativity and ingenuity of our predecessors and we owe a great deal of our success to their pioneering spirit. The plumbing fixture industry is founded on long-standing traditions and demands perfect adherence to technical standards. After years of exponential growth, we became the leading brand to successfully bridge the gap from industrial-age production into global, digital-age manufacturing. To obtain the finest materials, technology and support we implement a carefully calculated enterprise resource planning system. This advantageously allows us to offer upper echelon products at a competitive delivered cost.

Our products are thoughtfully conceived to be refined compositions

of beauty with undisputed value.

As a testament to the finest caliber of design and engineering, our visual mastery, exceptional functionality, and durability are attained simultaneously. Because we are dedicated to offering truly innovative products, we invest extensive time and resources into trend research, product development, finer component acquisition and cutting-edge manufacturing equipment. The attention and care we have devoted to each piece is noticeable at first touch. While the clean edges and flawless surfaces of our faucets are perfectly formed, the weight of the pieces displays their substantial and sturdy construction. As a result of our tireless devotion to producing sophisticated and functional products, our faucets are recognized for their dependability and outstanding quality.
"We learn to be patient in designing, building and polishing, because we appreciate that our end product matters to people."
Developing a steady stream of innovative and distinct products paves the way for us to continuously enhance bathrooms and kitchens with elegant design for everyday living. We love knowing that a single Kraus product can illuminate a room with its alluring shape and exquisite style. Keeping in mind that a pluming fixture has a long lifespan, we craft our faucets with a contemporary sensitivity to ensure that your space never goes out of style. We therefore encourage our people to cultivate their talents and expand their expertise in every aspect of the process. We’re proud to work with you to make your home a part of our enduring legacy of distinction.
We Support

Kraus is proud to support the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization promoting the health and wellness of wounded veterans in our country.

We are thankful for the hard work and sacrifice of the men and women in the United States armed forces. The WWP creates a community of support to encourage and welcome veterans returning from very serious situations overseas, most of whom sustained debilitating injuries.

Please consider visiting the WWP website and see if there are opportunities to serve in your own community.


KrausUSA takes pride in a design approach inspired by traditional European principles of timeless style, craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. With equal emphasis on form and function, we design and manufacture products that work flawlessly for a lifetime while continuing to bring sophistication and elegance to your daily life.

Our bathroom and kitchen sinks, faucets and complimenting accessories were each created to illuminate your home with luxury. Thoughtfully conceived, our products are refined compositions of beauty matched with exceptional performance. From our group of elite designers to our hand-selected materials, the process is expertly tailored to fulfill and exceed the expectations of each of our customers.

We curate a portfolio to satisfy every taste and creative ambition. Whether your preference is a clean and modern look or a classic traditional style, our vast collection contains products that will suit your home.
Manufacturing Process


Driven by perfection and our commitment to offering truly exceptional, functional and reliable products, we at Kraus invest substantial time and resource into cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, sophisticated quality control and rigorous testing.

Our vertically-integrated manufacturing process allows us complete control every step of the way- from our highest-grade raw materials, to impeccable packaging of finished products. Driven to exceed our customers’ expectations with the highest value innovative and functional products, we invest into state-of-the-art machinery from high-end smelting machines to top-of-the-line polishing tumblers.

We continuously improve our product quality by choosing the finest components available on the market to complete our fixtures and accessories. To deliver consistent performance and provide

a trouble- free operation our faucets use drip-free ceramic cartridges and the patented Neoperl aerators.

Our quality control is committed to offering products that are superior in craftsmanship and performance. Our polishing method consists of six stages ending with hand finishing and preliminary inspection. After each product is assembled, it undergoes a thorough air and water flow testing process. Finally, with great attention to detail, every Kraus product is impeccably packaged to ensure that it is delivered to our customers in flawless shape.

As a result of our tireless devotion to producing sophisticated and functional products, our faucets are recognized for their exquisite style, dependability and undisputed value. To learn more about our manufacturing process, please take a look at the slides above.

By successfully bridging the gap between industrial era manufacturing and digital age technology, Kraus spans three continents to bring consumers upper-echelon designs and superb quality in an economically unparalleled fashion.

After extensive trend research, concepts produced by our leading designers are brought to life through a meticulous manufacturing process and rigorous inspection stages. We are persistently involved in all of the production phases to ensure that each product is perfectly crafted and consistently functional. Our finished products are polished to perfection and then safely packaged to ensure that they remain in flawless condition until they are shipped from our warehouse to your home.

Leveraging a concise and efficient distribution network, Kraus operates with a state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning system that enables real-time communication between the customer service center and primary warehouse. As a result, our representatives have instant access to accurate technical information, immediate response from the shipping department and prompt fulfillment of our customers’ needs. By operating in such an effective logistical system, Kraus is able to dominate the market with design excellence and outstanding value.

About us

Headquartered in New York, with the commensurate appreciation of urban architecture and minimalist style, Kraus is a company that brings together teams of people motivated by a shared enthusiasm for making great kitchen and bath design attainable. Our diverse and constantly evolvingportfolio ensures that you will find the products that suit your lifestyle as well as your budget.Read more...

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August 15, 2015
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